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New Beauty: “Every Skin-Care Product This TikTok Star Used to Fade Her Melasma”

Amy Chang, known to her over one million TikTok followers as @bondenavant, recently shared with The Cut that she developed melasma at the age of 27 after she stopped using birth control. The common condition can be stubborn, but Chang said she’s found some products that have helped minimize the issue.


To prevent irritation and redness from retinol, she now uses growth-factor serums in their place, like the Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum Ampoules. Chang said growth factors have made a huge difference in her skin. “The Biopelle ampoules contain animal-derived growth factors from snail mucin…I also use them as a stand-in for retinol because growth factors stimulate collagen and elastin and offer me the same anti-aging results that I’m looking for without the redness and irritation that usually come with retinol,” said Chang.




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