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NewBeauty®: The 15 Best Serums That Improve Skin, According to Top Doctors

For the most bang for your buck.

By Danielle Fontana Dooley, Senior Digital Editor · 

Serums are to skin care as Whole 30 recipes are to Pinterest boards. Vital, but also overwhelming to absorb all at once. To make the serum-selection process easier, we tapped top dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons and asked them which bottle is 100-percent worth adding to our carts. Their skin-transforming answers, below.

Best for: Estrogen-Deficient Skin

“I love the Emepelle Serum ($175) because it contains MEP, a non-hormonal ingredient that stimulates estrogen receptors to replenish collagen and moisture levels in estrogen deficient skin. MEP is an exciting new ingredient and there’s nothing like it available right now,” says New York dermatologist Diane Berson, MD. “The serum is lightweight, fast-absorbing and applies well under makeup.” Other potent ingredients include antioxidants, peptides and hydrators.

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