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Real Simple Emepelle Serum

RealSimple: We Asked 12 Dermatologists to Share Their Exact Skincare Routines, Here’s What They Said

Real Simple Emepelle Serum

By Kristin Granero

Jessie Cheung, MD
Skin type: Combination (with focus on anti-aging).

Approach: I believe in making your skin work for you, so I only use products that are backed by science, with clinical studies to show positive changes under the microscope over time. Any moisturizer can make your skin look better temporarily by adding hydration and reflecting light, but I only use products that will create lasting benefits for my skin, via collagen and elastin synthesis and extracellular matrix maintenance. Acids are great to start with as they provide almost instant gratification with exfoliation. Every so often, I will also often swap or supplement with other actives from different brands to help amplify my routine.


1. Use a glycolic acid cleanser to get rid of dead skin and oil from the night and let morning actives soak in, topped with IDSIN vitamin C ​(comes in little ampoules so the vitamin C stays fresh, and proteoglycans support the extracellular matrix to provide cushioning and hydration).
2. Apply a serum. Omni Daily Restorative Facial Serum ​has targeted growth factors to aid in cell regeneration for collagen and elastin production and reduce inflammation, the root of aging.
3. Layer with Emepelle Serum for added glow, hydration, and collagen stimulation. Note: 30 percent of collagen is lost in the first five years of menopause; estrogen plays a crucial role in the skin.

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