Forbes: Facialist To The Stars, Teresa Tarmey Shares Her Skincare Routine

Teresa Tarmey is known to give good face and so, her clients come back again and again for the youthful glow she gives.

She has clinics in both London and New York but luckily for us, you can pick up her micro-needling kit and other skincare essentials online through her website. So, while in lockdown there’s no better time to get our skincare routine down.

Tarmey shares her personal daily skincare routine from AM to PM so we too, can have nourished skin and a glowing complexion.

I’m a huge advocate of less is more, especially when using the right ingredients for your skin. What I’m not a fan of is layering product after product and over treating the skin. Here’s my personal routine step-by-step.

Cleanse: I’m currently using my own formulation which has yet to launch – watch this space.

Apply serum: I’m a huge fan of a new brand called Emepelle. It’s actually a brilliant menopausal serum that I once tried and fell in love with.

SPF: I never leave the house without putting on some SPF and I use a tinted one by Heliocare.

Don’t forget the lips: I’m currently using a lip balm by a new brand called Tinker Taylor.

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