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Yahoo Lifestyle: How 10 Facialists Are Keeping Their Skin Happy and Hydrated at Home

Amid the current pandemic, staying home has never been more important. As the change in routine and ambient stress may have you encountering new issues, who better to ask for advice than a facialist? From Joanna Czech to Shani Darden, here, 10 of the most in-demand facialists share their tips for a well-kept complexion alongside their own go-to at-home routines.

Teresa Tarmey
It-Brit facialist Teresa Tarmey believes in the healing power of microneedling: “It’s why I created an at-home, easy to use and very effective 12 week program,” she says. “This is a perfect time to be trying something like this whilst stuck at home.” First, the pro applies a lactic acid to gently exfoliate before rolling the short needles over her skin. “There’s no pain, just a little tingle,” Tarmey says. Next, she applies a series of hydrating serums (Emepelle and Neostrata Tri-Therapy) in addition to her daily SPF, and drinks loads of water. “It keeps the skin internally hydrated,” she explains.

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