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Do Exercises for Your Face Work?

Concept of woman doing facial exercises

More than 24 muscles grace each side of your face. While each type performs a different function, they work together in synchrony. Most of them control your facial expressions, but they can also contribute to signs of aging, including frown lines and crow’s feet.  Face exercises don’t require any special equipment. You can practice them […]

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Why it’s Important to Buy Authentic, Not Counterfeit Skincare Products

Concept of woman shopping online using a laptop

When you’re purchasing anything of value, you want to make sure it’s what it claims to be and that it’s the quality you’re expecting. With skincare, the quality and legitimacy of your purchase is paramount. You’re applying the product to your one and only skin, which could affect your skin health and results. Unfortunately, like […]

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More Than Self-Care: Skincare and Skin Health

woman looking at skin in mirror

The fact of the matter is that caring for your skin is also part of caring for your health. The skin is the body’s largest organ and it does much more than act as our outward expression. Skin protects your body from germs, regulates temperature and helps fight infection. Deeper layers of skin also help […]

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How to Identify and Prioritize Skin Concerns

Young women checking her skin in the mirror

Shopping for skincare products can be confusing. Many products are designed to target specific skin concerns, but making sense of the terminology used in packaging and marketing can be overwhelming.  Improving the appearance of your skin starts with identifying your skincare concerns. From there, you can prioritize your skincare goals by selecting products that are […]

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How To Combine Active Ingredients For Best Results

combining skincare products

Many skincare products have active ingredients—the key factors that help deliver results. Some active ingredients complement each other when used together while others may do more harm than good when mixed. Before you start playing chemist and layering ingredients on your skin, it’s good to know something about how they may interact with each other.  […]

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Beauty From the Inside Out: Do Anti-Aging Supplements Work?

concept of skin care oral supplements

Beauty is only skin deep—or is it? Oral supplements claiming to slow the visible signs of aging are cropping up more online and on store shelves. Nutricosmetics are nutritional supplements that, depending on the formula, claim to promote beauty of skin, hair and nails. These anti-aging supplements claim they can improve skin’s health and appearance […]

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Addressing Estrogen Deficient Skin Just Got Easier

emepelle collection

Women can finally celebrate a solution that now exists for their aging skin brought on by perimenopause and menopause. Women age 40 and older are approaching perimenopause or menopause – and their skin may show it. This is because both perimenopause and menopause result in a marked reduction of the female hormone estrogen which has […]

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