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Tensage Intensive Serum 40

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Intensive Treatment & Post-Procedure Care: Award-winning intensive serum featuring concentrated growth factor benefits for fast improvement in the appearance of lackluster skin with visible improvement in as little as 24 hours. When used post-procedure helps optimize results and shorten healing/down time and reduce negative procedural side effects.

  • SCA Biorepair Index 40
  • Quickly improves skin’s texture, tone and luminosity
  • Visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the visible signs of photodamage
  • Helps to shorten healing time and optimize procedural results
  • Gluten-free, paraben-free

Size: (10) 1 mL ampoules

Related Skincare Concerns

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Photodamage or uneven skintone
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Healing post laser skin treatment, microneedling or other aesthetic procedures
  • Optimizing procedural outcomes

Key Ingredients

SCA Biorepair Technology – includes natural growth factors, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid and is clinically proven to help:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase skin’s elasticity
  • Improve texture, tone and luminosity

Vitamin C –provides powerful free radical defense and helps even skin tone
Vitamin E — combats free radical damage and provides hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits.

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How to Use

Holding Tensage Intensive Serum 40 ampoule upright with sleeve in place, crush gently between thumb and forefinger. Remove sleeve and place back on the ampoule with swab exposed. Squeeze gently to begin the flow of serum and apply an even layer cleansed, dry skin in light, sweeping motions.

Depending on the procedure performed, your skin care provider will inform you of when to apply your first ampoule. Use one or two ampoules per day until box completion.

Unretouched photos of patient immediately after PDT laser treatment and 24 hours later, after applying Tensage Intensive Serum 40 post-procedure. Individual results may vary.

Immediately After Treatment

24 Hours Later

Visible improvement within 24 hours
Visible reduction in redness
Improved Smoothness
Improved Luminosity


  1. Nancy L. Vogel-Hebb (verified owner)

    I received 2 Biopelle ampoules in a Beauty Fix box about 2 months ago from Dermstore and was interested in using it on a more consistent basis. After having facial Juvederm injections by my plastic surgeon, my skin was bruised and slowly recovering, UNTIL I started using the Biopelle ampoules again! Bruising and swelling can take 2-4 weeks to improve post-procedure, but with Biopelle, my skin is completely clear of bruises in less than 2 weeks- amazing product. It is pricey but provides results, so definitely worth it. Thanks so much to Biopelle!

  2. Kim McR

    I LOVE this stuff but I hate the ampoules and excessive packaging. Product is a 10, and worlds great to lessen redness, acne scarring, and speed healing. There has to be a way to package this in a more user friendly and less wasteful way. The ampoules are stupid and seem to waste a lot of product.

    • Biopelle

      Thank you for your great review — we are so happy that you feel the product is a 10! Because of the specialty of this particular formula, our Tensage Intensive Serum 40 has to be stored in one-time use, glass containers to remain stable and sterile, particularly when used as a post-procedure treatment. We appreciate your feedback!

  3. Barbara L. (verified owner)

    This is a great item that works instantly. I don’t say that lightly. I noticed a difference in my skin with the VERY FIRST application. My skin was soothed, smoother and it made an amazing difference. I recommend it.

Tensage Growth Factor

Featuring cellpro technology

Growth factors are naturally found in the skin and help repair damage from the sun and other environmental elements. With age, the body naturally produces fewer growth factors and damage to the skin goes unrepaired, leading to premature signs of aging.

Derived non-harmfully from the secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail. SCA Biorepair Technology contains growth factors and antioxidant benefits clinically proven to help improve multiple signs of aging to the skin.

Learn more about SCA Biorepair Technology.


Learn more about SCA Biorepair Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Tensage Intensive Serum 40 helps promote elasticity, tone and texture of skin whether you have undergone a procedure or not.  It’s recommended that you use Tensage Intensive Serum 40 on a quarterly basis for a regular boost to your skin. 

Yes! While Tensage 40 is capable of producing fast, impressive results, it is still suitable for sensitive skin.  While the product does contain a high concentration of growth factors, because growth factors are naturally found in the body, growth factors are typically considered to be a gentle skincare ingredient.  It is normal to experience some mild tingling upon application. 

Users can see improvements to skin’s luminosity skin in as little as 24 hours, though results may vary.  Additional improvements to skin tone and appearance of fine lines may be seen with further use.

The unique monodose ampoule helps to ensure that the product is sterile and delivered in the most hygienic means possible for when it is used during or after procedures when the skin is compromised.  By squeezing the plastic outer chamber, the inner glass is crushed, releasing the serum to flow through the swab and across the face – no glass passes through the swab or outer plastic chamber.

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