Tensage Stem Cell Cream

Tensage Stem Cell Cream Cellpro technology Retinol peptides
Tensage Stem Cell Cream
Tensage Stem Cell Cream
Tensage Stem Cell Cream

Tensage Stem Cell Cream

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A rich, nourishing night cream ideal for mature skin containing CellPro™ Technology, retinol, firming agents, Ceramide NP and antioxidants to help combat multiple signs of aging. read full benefits

1 fl oz.


A rich, nourishing night cream ideal for mature skin containing CellProTM Technology, antioxidants, firming agents, retinol, Ceramide NP and other emollients to combat multiple signs of aging and nourish the skin. CellProTM Technology is clinically proven1 to assist stem cell function, promoting new healthy skin cells. This cream helps reinforce skin’s integrity and restore the appearance of radiance, firmness and smoothness to the skin.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin to appears firmer and plumper
  • Helps smooth rough skin texture
  • Helps even skin tone
  • Contains antioxidants

Related Skincare Concerns

  • Mature skin care
  • Anti-aging
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rough texture

Key Ingredients

CellPro™ Technologyextract from the egg of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, CellPro Technology is clinically proven to promote healthy stem cell function
Retinol — Helps support cellular turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and texture.
Peptides — Promotes collagen production and helps produce firmer, smoother and hydrated skin.
Ceramide NP — Ceramides are lipids that help promote skin moisture.

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How to Use

Apply nightly to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. One pump may sufficiently cover the entire face.


  1. Clemmie Jordan (verified owner)

    I bought this after a friend recommended it and I have seen AMAZING results after only a months use. The lines from my nose to the corners of my mouth have decreased exponentially and the skin on my jawline has tightened up! I’ve taken very good care of my skin for years but time (I’m 61) and a decrease in collagen have started to show despite having microneedling and laser treatments done. I would have bypassed those procedures if I had tried this first. This is the first review I have ever written but I had to let others know the results I’m getting with this product. I use it twice a day as a treatment after cleansing, toning, hyaluronic acid, then the Biopelle, and lastly, a moisturizer on top even though this says it’s a moisturizer. This skincare lineup was also recommended by my friends plastic surgeon. I’m very, very impressed and happy with this product!!

  2. Vicki (verified owner)

    I love this and all Biopelle products! My skin looks and feels very smooth, soft and hydrated. When used as directed on a regular basis, improvements in my skin were noticeable in only a couple of weeks. No problems with breakouts. A little goes a long way! Highly recommended as a part of your skin care routine.

  3. Thalyta Martins

    This night cream for night use has greatly improved the appearance of my skin. It contains CellProTM Technology, antioxidants, firming agents, retinol and emollients to combat multiple signs of aging and nourish the skin.
    My skin looks firmer. And it greatly reduced the appearance of my fine lines. It is at the top of my list of best skin care products. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Janelle Rendon

    I enjoy the consistency of this night cream and the moisture it provides. I can still feel it on my skin the next morning when I wash my face. Using it over the past handful of weeks has improved my skin tone and texture, which I’m really loving! I just wish it was a little less expensive, but I can justify it because it includes retinol and can allow me to cut out that step in my routine. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

  5. Sarah

    From the very first time I tried Tensage Stem Cell Cream, I could tell that it was much different from any other cream I’ve ever tried. The bottle says that you may notice tingling, I didn’t feel tingling but I could tell it felt so light on my skin. I love how soft and smooth the lotion comes on and works as a nice layer before make up. I would recommend using this both day and night for best results but I especially use it in the morning because I love how it layers on my skin before applying makeup. This cream was given to me in exchange for my honest review, and I will definitely consider buying it myself when I run out because I haven’t found a lotion that works this well on my skin.

  6. charmaine

    This cream is amazing! First time
    to use this product and I’m obsessed! After 2 weeks of using it twice a day, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the firmness and plumpness of my skin. My skin feels nourished and healthier. I have a sensitive dry skin and I love that it doesn’t break me out which I was nervous about when using a new cream.

    This product was received in exchange for a review but the thoughts in this review is mine.

  7. Krystal M

    About two weeks after I started using this product, my husband took a candid video of me at night after I had already removed my makeup. I am normally so self conscious of my aging skin, but I was absolutely stunned when he showed me the video and (gasp) my skin looked so smooth, supple, and just overall GREAT. I was so excited! I’ve been using this both morning and night, and am already dreading the day when I run out. Love that there’s no overpowering scent, and even though the cream is thick, it absorbs completely without leaving me feeling greasy. Holy grail product for sure. I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest opinion, but now I’ve seen the light, and will be a customer for life!

  8. Margarita Guryeva

    I love it if skincare cosmetics has a nice smell. This cream smells good. Thankful this cream my skin looks youthful. It protects the skin from future damage which really well works now. My skin will say thank you in a couple of years with the Biopelle skincare.

Unretouched photos of patient at baseline and after twice daily application of Tensage® Stem Cell Cream and Eye Cream for 12 weeks. Photos courtesy of Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, FAAD


12 Weeks Later

Improved appearance of fine lines
Improved Smoothness
Improved Luminosity
More youthful-looking skin

Tensage Stem Cell

Featuring cellpro technology

CellPro Technology is derived from the eggs of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail and assists the natural activity of the stem cells in the skin.

CellPro supports stem cells’ ability to differentiate and migrate into new, healthy skin cells and is clinically proven to help address multiple signs of again in the skin.

Learn more about CellPro Technology

Tensage Stem Cell

Learn more about CellPro Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

As we age, our skin responds differently to ingredients. We also have different needs based on age and skin texture. Using products that are designed for mature skin means you’re targeting areas of concern that matter to you. 

Yes. Stem cells naturally keep skin healthy but aging slows them down which can lead to skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles.  Stem Cell activity CellPro Technology found exclusively in Biopelle Tensage Stem Cell products uniquely helps combat skin’s natural aging process and helps encourage your skin’s stem cells to produce new, healthy cells.

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