Woman applying facial serum

In What Order Should Skincare Be Applied?

Woman applying facial serum

You already know that skincare products can make a noticeable difference in beautifying your skin’s appearance. But, did you know that the order in which you apply skincare can affect your results? It can! 

Each product is designed to benefit skin in a different way. Applying skincare in the correct order can make your daily regimen more effective, too.

Let’s delve into the right sequence to apply skincare in the morning and night to glean the most benefits from your daily skincare regimen.

Why Skincare Application Sequence Matters

Skincare application order is important because each product is intended to serve a specific purpose and to complement other products you apply to your skin. That’s why it’s important to apply them separately, in the right order. 

Serums, for example, typically contain very small molecules that are designed to deeply penetrate skin layers. Contrast that with a moisturizer that adds a protective moisture barrier to the skin and helps seal in the serum you applied. If you apply moisturizer before serum, the serum may not be able to properly penetrate the skin. That can reduce the serum’s effectiveness. Mixing the two together in your palm before application can decrease the intended effectiveness of both, too. 

Allow Time for Each Product to Absorb

You’ll want to give your skin some breathing room in between products to allow each time to absorb into the skin so it can get to work. Aim to wait up to a minute in between applying each product. You might try brushing your teeth or drying your hair while you wait.  

Skincare Layering Essentials

Each product creates a separate layer when it’s applied. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends the following general steps for skincare application.

  1. Cleanser to wash impurities from your face followed by toner, if using
  2. Medication, if it applies to you, or nourishing treatments, such as serums (daily use serums or intensive boosts)
  3. Eye cream day and night 
  4. Moisturizer day and night and sunscreen during daylight hours
  5. Makeup, if desired

Overloading your face with too many skincare products or combining incompatible ingredients in any order can lead to skin irritation and render the products less effective, the AAD notes. 

Morning and Evening Skincare Application Routines

For any skincare routine, consider your skin type. While some products are specialized for certain types of skin, others are essential for every application. Below, we break down what to use daily and nightly before bedtime.

1. Start With a Clean Facial Canvas—Morning and Night

Before you apply products such as moisturizer or serum, it’s important to start with a clean facial canvas. That means washing your face with a high-quality facial cleanser that gently works to remove impurities and excess oils. 

A quality, gentle facial cleanser can eliminate the need to use a toner to rebalance your skin’s pH after cleansing. That’s one less step you’ll need to include in your skincare regimen.   

Don’t Skip the Morning Cleanse

Think you don’t need to wash your face in the morning since you washed it before you went to bed? Think again. Your pillowcase can carry surface impurities that can seep into your skin as you sleep. 

Skin regenerates and repairs itself during sleep. Bedroom air can also dry your skin and may contain toxins. Indoor air naturally contains more pollutive toxins than outdoor air. Sweating during sleep can also leave a salty film on your skin. Cleanse it all away in the morning with a high-quality facial cleanser and pat dry—don’t rub—with a fresh, clean towel.

2. Smooth on a Protective Serum

Quality, dermatologist-recommended facial serums are intended to penetrate the upper skin layers and deliver a powerful punch of concentrated active ingredients and technologies that help improve the appearance and health of skin. 

There are a variety of serums that are designed to help address a range of skin concerns, such as environmental damage and other skin aging factors. Use serums in both the morning and the evening for fastest, desired results.

3. Tap on a Brightening Eye Cream

Apply an eye cream to the delicate eye area. Use your third finger to gently apply it in small tapping motions around the orbital bone. You can additionally add a dark circle relief cream to improve the appearance of dark circles and help strengthen the skin under the eyes.   

4. Glide on a Hydrating Moisturizer

Working in small circles with your fingertips, apply a nourishing moisturizer that helps seal serum into the skin and form a barrier against the harsh elements skin can encounter throughout the day and night. Use quality, dermatologist-recommended moisturizers that are specifically designed for daytime or nighttime use and contain other beneficial ingredients.  

5. Apply Sunscreen in the Daytime Only 

Apply sunscreen in the daytime to protect your skin from harmful sun rays that can lead to photodamaged skin. Give your skin a break by not applying sunscreen in the evening. Even if you plan on being indoors all day, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying sunscreen because ultraviolet rays can penetrate glass. If you use products containing retinol during the daytime, applying sunscreen is especially important.

What About Other Products Such as Exfoliants?

Some skincare products are designed to be used weekly or only a few times a week, such as an exfoliating product. Always read the product label to learn the recommended frequency you should exfoliate

If a product doesn’t have a specified time of use that’s recommended, consider the product’s intended use. There are exfoliating cleansers designed for both morning and evening daily use. 

Skincare Products to Include in Your Daily Regimen

Best practice for creating an effective skincare routine is to use high-quality skincare products that are intended to complement each other. Biopelle is an award-winning, dermatologist recommended skincare line that’s delivered straight to your door.  

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