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Do Exercises for Your Face Work?

Concept of woman doing facial exercises

More than 24 muscles grace each side of your face. While each type performs a different function, they work together in synchrony. Most of them control your facial expressions, but they can also contribute to signs of aging, including frown lines and crow’s feet.  Face exercises don’t require any special equipment. You can practice them […]

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Ingredient Focus: Argireline Skin Benefits

Woman looking fearful as she receives a facial injection

When you want powerful skincare that promotes youthful-looking skin, look for the ingredient Argireline® peptide. Applied topically, this synthetic brand peptide is a less invasive alternative to some cosmetic procedures. Argireline is a potent ingredient to help prevent and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What are peptides? A peptide is a short […]

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In What Order Should Skincare Be Applied?

Woman applying facial serum

You already know that skincare products can make a noticeable difference in beautifying your skin’s appearance. But, did you know that the order in which you apply skincare can affect your results? It can!  Each product is designed to benefit skin in a different way. Applying skincare in the correct order can make your daily […]

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Crepey Skin: Causes, Prevention and Repair

crepey skin

When thinking of aging, the first image to come to mind may be fine lines and wrinkles, but many women also notice a different change in their skin. Very fine lines combined with a loss of fullness can leave skin looking like a party-store streamer. This is referred to as crepey skin. Crepey skin can […]

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Why You Need to Introduce Topical Growth Factors

topical growth factors for anti aging

Growth factors are aptly named proteins because they help skin grow — or more precisely, they increase cellular regeneration. Topical growth factors can help you look younger and repair damage in your skin.  What exactly are growth factors? They’re proteins naturally found in the body that communicate with your cells to produce more elastin and […]

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What’s Happening: Is Blue Light Aging Your Skin?

blue light and aging

Between phones, computers, TVs and other devices, the average adult spends about 8.5 hours a day looking at screens, according to Health Partners. Not only does too much screen time affect your sleep schedule, but it may also lead to inactivity, health problems and issues with your skin. While some screen time is avoidable – […]

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Ingredient Focus: Peptides, The Secret to Fuller-Looking Skin

peptides in skincare

As a seasoned skincare aficionado, you pay attention to the industry’s latest it-ingredients, but it can be difficult to prioritize what you want in your routine. The great thing about skincare ingredients is they each have a role to play. If you’ve come across the ingredient peptides, you may be curious about what they are, […]

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Ingredient Focus: Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin

vitamin c and skin

You’re probably familiar with vitamin C, an antioxidant found in citrus fruits like oranges and veggies like peppers. While vitamin C can give your immune system a boost, it can also revitalize your skin and give it a healthier glow when used topically. Your body can’t produce or store vitamin C itself, so to get […]

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Ingredient Focus: Benefits of Niacinamide

niacinamide benefits

Just like vitamins are an essential component of a healthy nutritional plan, they’re also beneficial for your skin. Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, has been clinically proven to help support a variety of skin issues and signs of skin aging. These include acne, wrinkles, eczema, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dryness and oily skin. Similar to […]

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How Do Growth Factor Skin Care Products Benefit You?

growth factor skincare

With all your skin goes through during the aging process, growth factors—proteins that are naturally found in the skin—help protect skin from environmental damage and promote skin cell regeneration. Like the name implies, one way to think about the benefit of growth factors is to picture the “growth” of skin qualities like collagen and elastin, […]

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Skincare For Every Age Group: How to Evolve Your Routine With Age

Skincare at any age

The visible signs of aging are an inevitable process that begins in your 20s. Consistent SPF usage can help slow down the effects of aging, but unavoidable factors like genetics,  time, and hormone levels combine to change the structure of your skin’s health which results in aesthetic issues like wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration, skin thinning […]

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What is Retinol Skincare? | A Beginner’s Guide

what is retinol

Have you heard of retinol? Rumor has it this multi-benefit ingredient can fix your skin, maybe do your laundry as well. Retinol is a skincare powerhouse that many dermatologists and skincare professionals recommend for a wide range of anti-aging benefits and even acne. Let’s talk about retinol. What is retinol and how can you introduce […]

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Aging or Menopause – What’s Really Happening to Your Skin?

A Closer Look During National Menopause Awareness Month If you’ve noticed your skin changing as you get older, you might think it’s just the aging process. After all, wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dullness; they’re all just part of getting older, right? Well partly. Of course, skin does change as we age. But if you’re a woman […]

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