Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser Effective on all skin types panthenol gentle for post procedure care glycerin
Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser
Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser
Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser

Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser

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A soothing, gentle cleanser that creates a rich, silky lather to remove excess oils and impurities. Suitable for acne-prone, sensitive and post-procedure skin. read full benefits

Size: 6 oz.


A soothing and gentle daily cleanser that creates a rich, silky lather to remove excess oils and impurities. This gentle face cleanser is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone. It is gentle enough to be used post-procedure and is oil-free.

  • SCA Biorepair Index 2
  • Gently cleanses and refreshes skin
  • Calms and soothes compromised or reactive skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • All skin types including sensitive and acne-prone
  • Gentle enough to be used post-procedure

Key Ingredients

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How to Use

Thoroughly wet your hands and face, pour onto palm and work into a generous lather. Massage onto wet skin using a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry. Use twice daily.


  1. Brenda L

    Really nice, gentle cleanser!

    I am very impressed with Biopelle Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser. It is a gentle yet effective cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping my skin. The gel has a refreshing fragrance that is not overpowering, and it lathers well without leaving any residue. My skin feels clean and soft after use. It has not caused any irritation, even around my eyes, and they can be very sensitive to other formulations. Overall, I have really enjoyed using this cleanser, and I would definitely repurchase it. **I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

  2. Jennifer Scullion

    Being I have sensitive skin; I was really impressed with the gentleness of this cleanser. It lathers and rinses nicely. There was zero irritation and my skin felt hydrated after use. The one thing that isn’t necessarily negative, but not for me, was the fragrance of the product. It smelled almost medical like something used in hospitals for cleansing patients. With that being said, my adult daughter tried it and really liked the smell and the cleanser in general. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

  3. Lori Taylor

    My skin is sensitive and acne prone so I have a hard time finding a cleanser that works for my skin. As I get older my skin is starting to dry out. This cleanser is so gentle on my skin. It leaves my face clean without being dry. I love it. I received this product for free for my honest opinion.

  4. Brey Noelle

    Until I used Tensage Gentle Gel Cleanser, I didn’t realize how valuable a good cleanser was. THIS is the most effective, feel-good cleanser I’ve used. It gets ALL the makeup and gunk off my face in one wash whilst still being soothing and gentle! There is no residue and I can tell my skin is so much happier now since I’ve been using it. I have a bit sensitive skin as well, and this only helps my skin feel GOOD and not irritated. I oddly used to hate washing my face because it always felt like such an ordeal… but I actually enjoy it now because it feels so good, fresh, clean and simple!

  5. Adriana

    I have sensitive and acne prone skin ad this product is perfect for me! It’s definitely hight end product. Works great with removing excess oils and impurities.

  6. Casey M

    This is an acne prone persons’ best friend. It is like this lightweight gel that cleans the skin well enough turning in actually treat your acne without drying out your skin. I’ve been suffering for acne and redness for years and this is by far my favorite cleanser to treat and sooth my skin at the same time.

  7. Angela Rhen

    Get ready to walk into a spa. The first time using this I noticed a difference in my skin texture. It’s so clean, and refreshing. I also love the spa like smell it has. I just feel so pampered everything I use it.

  8. Layne Williams (verified owner)

    This cleanser is absolutely my favorite. I use quite a few high end products. Biopelle is a staple in my life . Not just the cleanser quite a few of their products.

Tensage Growth Factor

Featuring SCA Biorepair Technology

Growth factors are naturally found in the skin and help repair damage from the sun and other environmental elements. With age, the body naturally produces fewer growth factors and damage to the skin goes unrepaired, leading to premature signs of aging.

Derived non-harmfully from the secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail. SCA Biorepair Technology contains growth factors and antioxidant benefits clinically proven to help improve multiple signs of aging to the skin.

Learn more about SCA Biorepair Technology.


Learn more about SCA Biorepair Technology.

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