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Skin Resurfacing Treatments In-Office vs At Home

woman receiving facial treatment

Exfoliation is an important step for skin health. Sloughing off dead skin cells can help boost blood circulation, clean pores deeper, even skin tone, help skincare products penetrate more deeply,r and ultimately slow the appearance of aging.  Exfoliating at home is an important step in a skincare routine, but for those who want radical and […]

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What To Know About Skin Exfoliating and Resurfacing at Home

Woman exfoliating in mirror

There are many ways you can exfoliate or resurface your skin at home. They can range from a simple scrub with a washcloth to using products containing acids or enzymes to slough away dead skin cells.  Find out more about the different types of home-based exfoliation, how to match the right procedure to your skin […]

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