woman looking at skin in mirror

More Than Self-Care: Skincare and Skin Health

The fact of the matter is that caring for your skin is also part of caring for your health. The ...
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woman receiving facial treatment

Skin Resurfacing Treatments In-Office vs At Home

Exfoliation is an important step for skin health. Sloughing off dead skin cells can help boost blood circulation, clean pores ...
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Young women checking her skin in the mirror

How to Identify and Prioritize Skin Concerns

Shopping for skincare products can be confusing. Many products are designed to target specific skin concerns, but making sense of ...
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combining skincare products

How To Combine Active Ingredients For Best Results

Many skincare products have active ingredients—the key factors that help deliver results. Some active ingredients complement each other when used ...
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Woman exfoliating in mirror

What To Know About Skin Exfoliating and Resurfacing at Home

There are many ways you can exfoliate or resurface your skin at home. They can range from a simple scrub ...
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concept of skin care oral supplements

Beauty From the Inside Out: Do Anti-Aging Supplements Work?

Beauty is only skin deep—or is it? Oral supplements claiming to slow the visible signs of aging are cropping up ...
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Woman in towel applying moisturizer in front of mirror

The Relationship Between Collagen and Estrogen

If you’re shopping for skincare products, you’ve probably come across many mentions of collagen. Collagen is a protein found in ...
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Closeup of woman applying eye cream

Skincare Routines for the Eyes

One of the first places you may notice signs of aging is around your eyes. As you age, you are ...
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Aesthetic surgery, CO2 laser resurfacing

How to Treat Your Skin Post-Procedure for Optimal Results

Investing in your appearance isn’t new and also isn’t going anywhere. The global cosmetic laser market was $1.64 billion in ...
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