woman in mirror

What Is Estrogen Deficient Skin?

Did you know that a reduction in the production of estrogen might be causing skin issues? As you age, your ...
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perimenopause skin problems

Signs Your Skin Is Giving You That You’re in Perimenopause

Aging is a gift, and it brings new changes. Several years before you officially start menopause, you may experience perimenopause ...
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intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging

Different Types of Skin Aging: Intrinsic Aging vs. Extrinsic Aging

Aging is a complicated process that each of us experiences in a unique way, especially when it comes to visible ...
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blue light and aging

What’s Happening: Is Blue Light Aging Your Skin?

Between phones, computers, TVs and other devices, the average adult spends about 8.5 hours a day looking at screens, according ...
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peptides in skincare

Ingredient Focus: Peptides, The Secret to Fuller-Looking Skin

As a seasoned skincare aficionado, you pay attention to the industry's latest it-ingredients, but it can be difficult to prioritize ...
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vitamin c and skin

Ingredient Focus: Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin

You’re probably familiar with vitamin C, an antioxidant found in citrus fruits like oranges and veggies like peppers. While vitamin ...
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Dermatologist-recommended skincare

What is Professional Skincare?

Browsing for skincare has never been more daunting. There are serums, oils, exfoliators and moisturizers, scrubs, toners and creams – ...
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Menopause and skin changes

Perimenopause and Menopause: How Skin Changes With Hormones

Menopause marks a major shift in a woman’s life. Suddenly she’s hot then cold, she’s noticing changes in mood or ...
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stem cells anti aging

Stem Cells and Anti-Aging Skincare: How Cellular Function Changes With Age

As we age, stem cell function—which helps with cellular turnover and replication—can decline. This means that with time, the body ...
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