boosted skin care

What Is Boosted Skin Care?

boosted skin care

How to Add These Treatments to Your Beauty Routine

Establishing a good skincare routine is the key to keeping your skin healthy, youthful and bright. But even with the best cleansers, eye creams and moisturizers, your face can start to look dry, dull and tired. The integrity of your skin can become compromised from a number of external (and internal) factors including environmental pollutants, changes in climate and weather, acne, vitamin deficiency, hormones and age.  

If you’re ready to level-up your skincare routine, it’s time to add a boosted treatment to supercharge your skin to help restore radiance, provide moisture, reduce visible signs of photodamage, reduce redness and improve the signs of aging. In this article, you will learn what a boosted treatment is, how to use one, and how to add it to your routine. We will also reveal the product ingredient that dermatologists cannot get enough of.

What is a Boosted Treatment?

Boosters are concentrated formulas that produce results quickly. Because they have targeted ingredients and powerful actives, they can address your skin concerns faster. A boosted treatment, depending on what you are targeting, can be applied only to an area of concern or to the entire face.

Much like other products, not all boosted skin care treatments are the same. Some tout benefits that are simply too good to be true, while others have clinically proven results.  Some of the most common problems that can be addressed with a boosted treatment include:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Collagen depletion
  • Lackluster or dull skin
  • Redness/irritation
  • Sun damage

How to Use a Boosted Treatment

Boosters are flexible in that they can be applied alone or layered with other products like serums or moisturizers. If it’s a spot treatment, use alone. Otherwise, follow your specific product’s instructions. A good rule of thumb when it comes to application order is thinnest to thickest. Typically this would mean starting with your cleanser, then toner, boosted treatment, serum, moisturizer and, if daytime, sunscreen. If adding the booster to another product, the same order applies.

When will I see results, you ask?

Boosters are potent and can jump-start results, so compared to your normal products, a boosted treatment can get faster results. The concentration levels are typically higher which can make them more effective. With some boosters, you can see results in 24 hours, and with others, it could be weeks. It depends on the quality, concentration, and areas of concern.

Skincare products that target similar concerns may help the effectiveness of your boosted treatment and vice versa.

Why Use a Boosted Treatment?

There are a number of reasons to add these powerful ingredients to your routine. 

  • Refresh your skin before an event: Maybe you have a wedding, a big function or a vacation coming up and you want to look your best. Some boosted skin care treatments can deliver visible results more quickly than your daily use products (some in as little as 24 hours!), meaning you can look your best. 
  • Commit to self care: If you’ve grown tired of your skincare or just want to revitalize your commitment to self care, a boosted treatment can kick off your new routine.
  • Regular boosts: Adding a boosted treatment to your routine quarterly can help maintain and improve the results you’re getting from your everyday products. 
  • Avoid procedures: If you’re looking to dramatically improve the look of your skin without undergoing procedures, boosted treatments can visibly reduce signs of aging. 

Biopelle’s Dermatologist Recommended Boosted Treatments 

SCA Biorepair Technology is a secretion produced by the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail and contains natural growth factors that help support dermal fibroblasts. SCA can help skin recover from sun damage, boost moisture levels, firm skin, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This snail essence, or mucin, has become the go-to dermatologist-recommended ingredient for many skincare needs due to the glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid properties. It’s been popular in Korean beauty but was first used long ago, even treating Chernobyl burn victims.

This powerful technology comes in two boosted options.

  • Tensage Intensive Serum 40 is an award-winning intensive serum featuring concentrated growth factor benefits for fast improvement in the appearance of lackluster skin. Intensive Serum 40 comes in 10 single-use ampoules and is ideal for visibly rejuvenating skin. You can see visible results in as little as 24 hours. In addition to an at-home intensive boost to the skin, Tensage Intensive Serum 40 may be used post-procedure to help support repair and healing. 
  • Tensage Intensive Serum 50 helps improve visible signs of moderate to severe aging and is ideal for those seeing signs of damage from UV rays, environmental toxins and smoke. Intensive Serum 50 contains the highest level of SCA Biorepair Technology to help visibly improve skin in as little as one week.